Business Scope

GLOVIS Georgia provides integrated logistics services through our Consolidation Center (CC) Operation.

These services include
 - Collecting local & overseas auto parts through timed delivers from our supplier and customers
 - Maintaining & Managing inventory levels and conducting inventory audits to ensure accuracy of counts
 - Supplying auto parts JIT (Just in Time) to customers based off of their production schedule
 - Supplying auto parts JIS (Just in Sequence) to customers in accordance with their detailed build and production scheduled
 - Providing on time delivery & transportation of auto parts to our customer to ensure there is no interruption to their production schedules

GLOVIS Georgia receives hundreds of deliveries each week. Our Container Management services allows Hyundai Glovis to track container deliver and ensure that containers are returned before any additional charges are incurred by our customers.

These services include
 - Unloading & tracking overseas deliveries of CKD auto parts to our facility
 - Perform picking and feeding services for vehicle production through managing parts in containers
 - Scheduling overseas containers based on product demand to ensure customers products is available as needed
 - Manage container locations, container returning, etc. to eliminate cost of detention containers

GLOVIS Georgia also manages the Tire and Wheel assembly process for our customers.

This involves a fully automatic Tire and Wheel assembly line that includes
 - Tires, wheels and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) parts are assembled through a tire and wheel assembly line installed in the consolidation center to produce modules.
 - After a quality inspection and wheel balance check, the modules are supplied to the vehicle production line by JIS (Just in Sequence) and JIT (Just in Time)

Hyundai Glovis also adds additional services to our customer through our Integrated Logistic Systems. These systems are designed to track and manage inventory levels, monitor shipments and track problem areas.

Hyundai Glovis provides this serves through the following IT Systems
 - GCS (Global Consolidation Service System) provides integrated management of Consolidation Center)
 - GWMS (Global Warehouse Management System) provides integrated management system of extended sequencing center

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