Message from CEO

I want to thank you for taking time to visit our website. I hope the content you find here will give you an understanding of who GLOVIS Georgia is and what we do for our customers and our team members.

The last few years have brought many challenges and rewards for GLOVIS Georgia. We are very proud of the success we have had in providing value added services to our customers. While we continue to work on daily priorities each day, we will continue to look toward the future to find innovated ways to meet an ever changing market.

GLOVIS Georgia is committed to creating a culture that exemplifies our company’s core values in everything that we do. We believe that having a foundation built on these fundamental principles will enable us to deliver against the goals we hold dear, while making progress on the visions we have for the future.

We are very proud to be part of the Hyundai Glovis family. A global family that is made up of talented professionals from many different cultures but with a common identity: We truly believe that the success of our company in only found in the success of our customers and through the dedication and support of our team members.

Hong Kee Rhee

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